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Leadership in Out of School-Time Programs

Time with children is precious. You know that you have influence with the children you work with, but rarely know the...

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Effective Out of School-Time Programs

This course provides training on the basics on what creates an effective Out of School-Time Program as you ...

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OST Program Jump Start & Custom Coaching

The very best know they need a Coach! Can you think of even one professional sports team, filled with elite athletes,...

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OSTLMS - Out of School-Time Leadership Management System

Successful Programs have Effective Tools! Creating Change began by helping teachers understand the alignment process...

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Survivors Who Thrive - Online Course

Take 2 minutes to watch the video above and learn what can be done for the children in your life. One semester gradu...

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Survivors Who Thrive Live! Staff Development that makes a Difference

Creating a Culture of Thrivers! What if there were a way to see things differently? What if children could unde...

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Pathway to Proficiency Leadership Training

Great Leadership brings Success! Graduate Credit Available When students are falling far below proficiency dif...

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Pathway to Proficiency Staff Training

Get Staff on the Path! When students are falling far below proficiency different techniques and ideas must be latche...

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Creating Change Vision Quest - Discover and Live

When you know that you need a change. Maybe you have given up hope and know there is more.  Maybe you have done...

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Discover the PURPOSE and allow VISION to guide RESULTS

Discover Vision

Vision provides both direction and motivation to organizations and individuals.


Leadership can come from an idea or an individual, one out-lasts the other.


Once you know where you are headed and others are motivated to take the journey, getting clarity accelerates progress.


With Vision & Clarity you begin the journey, benchmarks help keep you on the path.


In order to arrive, we must stay moving on the right course.


All we do lead to results. Are you getting the desired RESULT?