21st CCLC Program Evaluation

Put a decade of Out-of-School-Time experience and literally thousands of OST on-site visits to work for your programs.  Use our expertise to coach your programs to success.  We have served hundreds of programs as both consultants and evaluators and know what it takes to have success in an OST program.  Let us work for you.

Here is what we do (details below):

  • Grant review
  • Program pre-evaluation
  • Program evaluation
  • Use of the OSTLMS
  • Monthly program review
  • Data review, analysis and report
  • 5 Webinars through the year
  • Personal consultations monthly
  • On-Site Review
  • Unlimited Electronic and Phone Support
  • Federal and State reporting
Grant Review includes a compete review of your grant so that we understand what you said your were going to do.  With that background, we are ready to take a look at your program and help you achieve what you said you were going to achieve, or match the language of your grant to the program that best serves students.

The Pre and Post Evaluations are to ensure that your program is operating in a manner consistent with the grant and that will provide results specified within the grant.  We help you design your program to get the results you indicated you would provide the students.  Following your successful year, we then come in and see what great things have happened through the year and make certain that those are reflected accurately in the reporting process.

You can choose to use the OSTLMS (Out of School Time Leadership/Management System), our on-line data entry and management system for 21st CCLC programs.

Monthly Program Review is a process where we look at your data each and every month to help ensure that you are not only doing what needs to be done to get results, but also to ensure that a record is kept of the great things that you do for kids every day.  It is critical to make sure that you have both the right program and the right data.

Data Review, Analysis and Support contains a thorough review of what data will be needed and what data is finally reported.  We look critically at the objectives to assure that you are getting the right data as well as showing the data in a way that will clearly show the benefits of your program.  

The optional On-Site review can be very helpful and provides us a glimpse at what really happens within the program and behind the scenes.  This level of evaluations leads to the ability to better reflect the true value of the program in all aspects. 

Monthly Personal Consultations include a way to talk specifically about the current state of the program and all of the aspects of the program that have potential to positively affect the outcome.  In this call we talk specifically about attendance, programming and issues that are both effective and discuss areas where help is needed.

On-Site training* is an extremely valuable option that allows you to take advantage of one of our applicable trainings for OST programs.  For options, please see our Professional Development page.

Unlimited Electronic and Phone support is valuable in so many ways you will be glad you have it.


Best Value:  Option 1:  You get all the above and more ($6,000 value) for the low annual investment of $5,000.  We bill this in September, November, February, April, and the final payment after the verification of the PPICS information (equal amounts of $1,000.  *Travel is additional for on-site evaluation and training).

Option 2: Evaluation without OSTLMS or reporting: You get everything listed above except you lose the value of OSTLMS and the federal reporting to PPICS and a state report generated for your state.  $3,500 plus travel

Option 3:  Post-Program Evaluation only, no training, no coaching, no support.  $2,000

 For details on how we can help you please contact us today. You can call us at 208-467-6545 or click on the contact us link above. We look forward to hearing from you.

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