Beginning in 1992.,. Creating Change, Inc. has worked to provide opportunities for organizational change by concentrating on the individuals involved and the systems in which they work. See the Principals listed below:

Travis A. Frederickson, CEO
Travis started his professional career in 1985 in Phoenix and quickly desired to address issues that he thought could be improved in the educational process. He formalized some of his ideas and started Creating Change in 1992. Now Travis is a respected thinker, designer, coach, and consultant in business and governmental organizations. Travis has an undergraduate degree in Health Education/Athletic Training along with a Masters and Specialist in Administration. Travis is married with three children and is actively involved in Church and community leadership activities.

Jack Hatch, COO
Jack joined Creating Change in 2001 after successfully operating a trucking company as well as experiencing the joys of small business ownership in a construction and landscaping company. Jack's practical know how, organizational skills and straight forward manner allow for operations that are both consistent and productive. His ability to listen and patiently guide others have served him well as the Idaho 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program Evaluator and data management system guru. Jack is married and enjoys assisting his wife in raising their five children.

Dr. Michael E. Tomlin, Adult Education Specialist
Michael Tomlin is a social scientist and for over 30 years he has studied words and their impact on generations, genders, members of various professions, vocations, advocacy groups, and voter blocks. As a teacher, administrator, and professor, Dr. Tomlin has done it all. Mike is also a teacher, trainer, consultant, and speaker, but most of all an adult educator and student of people, language, and organizations.

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