Paramount to thinking "critically" is learning to analyze our thinking and the perceptual filters through which our formed and forming thoughts must pass. Basically there are four such filters: Knowledge, Beliefs, Emotions, and Experience.

As inputs come to us in the form of conversation, while reading a book or newspaper, watching television, taking a class, or simply overhearing a side conversation whild enjoying a meal in a restaurant or standing in line to view a movie - these inputs are screened and assessed by our thinking mind. Tha is how our thoughts on the inputs are formed.

Taught by spectacular presenter Dr. Michael E. Tomlin you and your staff will learn not only how to think, but how to teach others to think!

You will enjoy this journey through the mind and end up with ideas and concepts that you can take right back into the classroom and put into place with your students.

If you have a gifted program this is a must!

To schedule, please contact Krystin by email at or by phone at 208-467-6545.