Keynotes offered by Creating Change

Resiliency; The Best hope for Children from Troubled Homes - After teaching "Working with Children from Dysfunctional Families" for nearly 20 years, Mr. Travis A. Frederickson will provide you and your staff with valuable insight into the research that allows children to succeed regardless of the adverse affects that life has provided them.  There are substantial and lasting changes that occur where resiliency is present.  Mr. Frederickson will share the heartwarming stories as well as the actions that can be taken that will enable a resilient atmosphere at your school.

Relationships; The Need of Troubled Children - The oft asked question of people who work with children is "what can I do?".  The answer to that question is simple, make a difference in the life of one child.  How?  Create a meaningful relationship.  Mr. Frederickson will help staff understand through research and experience that the most important thing that we can do when working with children is to let them know you care, then care.  This can be done quickly and effectively by each adult in the school.  

Critical Thinking; It's Never been more Needed - Acclaimed author and teacher Dr. Michael E. Tomlin will guide you through the skill of Critical Thinking, helping you and your group understand the extreme importance of each adult learning to think critically and more importantly how to communicate that with students.  Learning is often confused by scoring well on a test.  Learning's real test is in application and in the world today, practical application of learning is facilitated through the process of Critical Thinking.
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