Effective Out of School-Time Programs

This course provides training on the basics on what creates an effective Out of School-Time Program as you learn from more than three decades of experience.

Included are 6 video based lessons that can be used for leadership and staff development.  

The six lessons are:

  • Why Have OST Programs 

  • Social Behavioral Aspect

  • Resiliency

  • Self-Worth

  • Academic Effectiveness

  • Effective Family Programming

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Effective OST Programs

This complimentary extended overview is 100% training for you to enjoy.  With more than three decades of experience and having taught thousands of OST directors, Mr. Travis A Frederickson provides you with some of his most effective concepts.

There are six lessons covering:

- Why we have OST programs
- The Social/Behavioral dynamic
- Resiliency
- Self Worth
- Academics
- Family Programming

$19.99 USD