OST Program Jump Start & Custom Coaching

The very best know they need a Coach! Can you think of even one professional sports team, filled with elite athletes, that does not have a coach?

We want you all to be successful in working with children, helping them achieve the maximum results. That's where we come in.

With more than 15 years experience in OST programs, and mountains of data, we know what works! We know what will help your students get results.

Let us put that to work for you.

We begin with our Jump Start training program for new programs or new directors, or existing programs with data. This includes all of the essentials needed to get off to a great start and the details to get results. This one or two day training is done on-site and provides the director with understanding on how to make the most of the academic, social/emotional, and family components of any OST program.

Jump Start is an intensive training process designed to focus the 21st CCLC program on a united purpose around the Goals and Objectives of the program. Custom Coaching is a similar and more customized process that can include an on-site visit.  Both Jump Start and Coaching work together to achieve the common and identifiable goals.


To know and understand the purpose and intent of the Out of School-Time program and how to maximize the results the program at your school or institution for the program year.


  • Establish the desired attendance rate for the 21st CCLC program based on the school population and intended target population impact
  • Determine the academic areas of need that exist for the target student population
  • Create a course offering intended to address the address both the desired attendance rate and the areas of academic need that exist
  • Examine the budgetary needs against the projected plan
  • Plan additional activities that fit into the budget and reward consistent attendance in the 21st CCLC program
  • Monitor the program over time for effectiveness


The Jump Start training will provide a solid analysis and plan of action for both the implementation and goal attainment of the 21st CCLC program moving forward. Following the on-site training, regular webinars with between Creating Change staff and the program director (with the principal and state director invited to attend) will monitor the progress against the plan as well as the data collection process within OSTLMS (required) through the program year. When Jump Start is selected, Creating Change will provide the following:

One or two day on-site kick off training

  • We will focus on an overview of 21st CCLC and student data analysis
  • We will work on implementation plans for identified areas of need

Necessary follow-along webinar monitoring/training at regular intervals for the director.

Continual data monitoring in OSTLMS with monthly progress reports provided as directed.

Timely completion of reports.

Unlimited virtual support via phone or email

Custom Coaching is also available for state administration ($2,500/day)


The cost of this intensive intervention and Coaching includes one on-site full day training along with all necessary virtual follow-up with the intent of achieving the goals and objectives of the 21st CCLC program.

Combining the Jump Start training along with Coaching provides the resources and TA support needed to maximize the program opportunity.

Jump Start Training for OSTLMS users is only $2,500/day.

Coaching for OSTLMS users is only $1,000 per program year (virtual) and an additional $1,500 per site visit as arranged.

Program Evaluation

Available for both the local and state levels, program evaluation is for the purpose of learning from the current year and knowing what to change to increase effectiveness in the coming year.  With the depth of experience that Creating Change has with these programs, we can help you get directly to the issues and solutions that are needed.

For current OSTLMS users, the local evaluation visit is $2,500 plus trave per location (no travel costs if multiple locations can be scheduled within the week).  This includes a writen report provided to the state and local director at the conclusion of the visit.  

A written evaluation at the conclusion of the program for a local OSTLMS user is only $250.  We also assemble PowerPoint reviews of the data at both the local and state levels so that knowing what the data is telling you and how to explain it is done for you. 

Statewide evaluations vary depending on the number of programs to be reviewed and the condition of the data.

Grant Review and Selection

If you are offering a grant competition and need to have the grants read & scored according to your grant application and rubric, then this is the process you want to use.  

We will have the grant read and by multiple readers, scored and put together a funding recommendation according to your guidelines to begin.  We will continue with you through the grantee selection process.

This scoring process follows your guidelines and is highly transparent on our end. 


1-3 Readers = $100/reader & score with 25 grant minimum and 10% discount after 50 grants

4-5 Readers = $80/reader & score with 20 grant minimum and 10% discount after 50 grants

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OST Services

These services are available to you and customizable, so please contact Angela at 208-467-6545 or email [email protected]