Pathway to Proficiency Staff Training

Get Staff on the Path!

When students are falling far below proficiency different techniques and ideas must be latched onto and used in order to help facilitate the changes that will help student reach proficiency levels. The solutions begin with leadership.

"The correlations between poverty, failure to read proficiently and failure to graduate from high school have been quantified and reinforced by new research." 2013 Early Warning Confirmed

“Those who finish high school, work full time, and marry before having children are virtually guaranteed a place in the middle class,” Haskins and Sawhill wrote. “Only about 2 percent of this group ends up in poverty. Conversely, about three-fourths of those who have done none of these three things are poor in any given year.” 2009 Creating an Opportunity Society

Provide this training to your staff so that they might begin to understand the opportunities they have to make a significant difference.

Students need results. The school certainly needs the reinforcement of all that can be done in order to help them have a greater chance than the statistics provide.

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