Survivors Who Thrive Live! Staff Development that makes a Difference

Creating a Culture of Thrivers!

What if there were a way to see things differently? What if children could understand the circumstances of life and how to escape the statistical reality of their environment? What if children were resilient rather than complacent?

You and I both know that we can't change the circumstances from which children come, but we can see those circumstances differently and work to help children in the process.

What others are saying:

“I truly enjoyed the enthusiasm that Mr. Frederickson displayed. It was contagious.”  Gloria; Kansas City, KS

“Travis was a powerful presenter.” Felicia; Pocatello, ID

“The information was interesting, useful, and you’ll be glad you went!” Mary Ann; Missoula, MT

“Travis does an excellent job working with a diverse group of people.” Deanna; Missoula, MT

“Great presenter!” Ruthanne; Las Vegas, NV

“Entertaining speaker – experienced and amusing.” Sharon; Casper, WY

“I really enjoyed this course and Mr. Frederickson made the learning painless.” Kathleen; Missoula, MT

“This is my 3rd course and I keep coming back. When I leave I feel revived andexcited about life and education once again.” Tammy; Missoula, MT

“This was great!” Karla Kay; Jerome, ID

“Out of all the workshops I’ve attended, I’ve never been in one that was as animated and audience interactive as this.” — NICOLE Idaho Falls, ID

“Extremely interesting information presented in an easy to understand way with a lot of humor. The time flew which is always a good sign.” SHARON Grand Junction, CO


I have lived, studied and taught these processes for more than 25 years with first hand knowledge that it is effective.

This is an intense seminar/workshop that engages the heart and minds of staff as they better understand how to effectively work with children who are at the greatest need and risk in our society. As staff come to feel and know how important they can be in helping children know the way out, they are more compelled to do what is needed to affect change in the lives of the children they serve.

For more information or to schedule, plesae contact Angela at 208-467-6545 or [email protected]

Cost for this training is $3,500/day in the continental U.S. plus travel.


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