OSTLMS - Out of School-Time Leadership Management System

Successful Programs have Effective Tools!

Creating Change began by helping teachers understand the alignment process in schools and how to duplicate alignment for student success. From those beginnings in 1992 Creating Change has helped thousands of educators around the Nation.

Today we are still involved in education with dedicated staff in the 21st CCLC Programs. The OSTLMS is a data collection and reporting tool that allows for real-time monitoring of student progress in a variety of aspects that help students to be successful within the goals of the program. That contributes to the ability to lead students and staff to the solutions that will best serve each.  With more than 15 years of experience and thousands of programs managed, OSTLMS knows how to meet your needs.

With the coaching and tools that we have, we have helped increase student achievement in 21st CCLC programs in ways not previously considered or practiced. When comparing students in the 21st CCLC programs in Idaho (where Creating Change provided the technical support and management system from inception) against students not in the program, the growth rates are statistically and consistently greater than their peers.  We have shown similar results in other programs as well.  The credit for this success belongs to those who work with children of course, and we like to believe that we have supported their efforts.

Our OSTL Management System is very robust and provides a uniformed way to monitor student progress as well as all of their necessary tasks of management. The ease of use and the vastness of relevant data sets this system apart. That is why several states today rely on Creating Change to manage and support their systems.

The cost to use OSTLMS for a year is only $1,500* per program year. This includes electronic and telephone support and all reporting.

Contact [email protected] or call 208-467-6545

*up to 2 centers for 1 grantee; additional centers on the same grant is $500/center

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Out of School-Time Leadership Management System manages the daily operations of 21st CCLC programs.

For sales support, please call Angela at 208-467-6545 or you can email her at [email protected] ¬†

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