Pathway to Proficiency Leadership Training

Great Leadership brings Success!

Graduate Credit Available

When students are falling far below proficiency different techniques and ideas must be understood and used in order to help facilitate the changes that will help student reach proficiency levels. The solutions begin with leadership.

"The correlations between poverty, failure to read proficiently and failure to graduate from high school have been quantified and reinforced by new research." 2013 Early Warning Confirmed

“Those who finish high school, work full time, and marry before having children are virtually guaranteed a place in the middle class,” Haskins and Sawhill wrote. “Only about 2 percent of this group ends up in poverty. Conversely, about three-fourths of those who have done none of these three things are poor in any given year.” 2009 Creating an Opportunity Society

This training process begins to address some of the most difficult situations available in education today. Starting with training for principals & assistant principals, this program then provides the tools and coaching through the year to assure the concepts and ideas taught to the principals and put into place with students and teachers.

This course has three modules each with several lessons teaching what is necessary to help students reach proficiency. 

  • Module 1:  Prepared to Lead - being prepared for the task of leadership in a low performing school is important to the success of this program.  There is little that can influence a school for good or bring it down like leadership or the lack-thereof.  Leadership in high need and high stress systems is in itself stressful.  Those who take on this most difficult task need to be ready to lead; intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.  This first section is focused on how to prepare to lead so that you are healthy and happy during and after the school-year is over!
  • Module 2:  Building & Communicating Purpose - As a school leader, the intellectual understanding of necessity is critical for success.  An understanding of research will help formulate and communicate the needed background allowing success to occur.  Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, administrators need to know and understand how to keep staff motivated and moving in the direction of achieving the purpose.  This is perhaps the most difficult aspect of leadership.
  • Module 3:  Responsibility to Purpose - At each level of interaction with learning at the school there comes responsibility.  Responsibility is inseparable with accountability.  The key is understanding that this process is only for everyone in the process to progress.  As students progress teachers progress.  As the teachers and students progress, the school progresses.  In low performing schools this alignment and responsibility process is key to the achievement of individual student goals, individual teacher goals and ultimately the achievement of the school goals. 

Students need results. The school certainly needs the reinforcement of all that can be done in order to help them have a greater chance than the statistics provide.

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