Survivors Who Thrive - Online Course

Take 2 minutes to watch the video above and learn what can be done for the children in your life.

One semester graduate credit available.

If you have children, work with children or are just a concerned community member, knowing what helps a child to Thrive rather than merely survive is what this program is all about. There are things we can all do that are significant within a child's life, that can make a huge difference in who they become.

This course covers six major areas of what can be done to help children that come from social & emotional environmental factors that may not provide the best opportunities for them long term.  For only $199 a school or out-of-school program can get access for up to 25 staff members.  To register using a PO, click here.

Special link to the right for family members to get the same training for only $19.97.

This course contains six modules with several lessons in each module:

  • Why does this really matter?
  • Concept and engagement, making the choice to make a difference
  • Culture matters
  • Focusing on strengths
  • The Power of One
  • Summary and action steps

Special detailed video on what the course is all about.

Each of the areas above contain several lessons to help staff understand how and why helping children become resilient!

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