Professional development in education is necessary for the rapid pace in which information and education is moving. Children are learning information faster than ever before and todays educational staffs need all of the assistance that they can get. We provide that service with the understanding that those who attend need to leave with something to actually use with children.

We want you to consider a Creating Change professional development course as an in-service. Click here to see our course list.

Here is what you want to know:

  • What are the time requirements so you can schedule appropriately?
  • What it is going to cost you?
  • Both are explained below for all of our courses...
H = Half-day format = 3 hours for $1,200 plus expenses
F = Full-day format = 6 hours for $1,500 plus expenses
T = Two-day format = 12 hours for $2,800 plus expenses
Expenses = travel to and from, lodging (you are welcome to schedule air and hotel reservations yourself or we can take care of it and bill you) and the government Per Diem rate for your area.