• When You Need Something to Change...


You know that something needs to change but lack clarity - either for you or your business.  Maybe you are losing hope or maybe it's already gone.  

There is another way!

"Where there is no Vision, the people parish..." Proverbs 28:18

Whether you are a believer or not, that statement holds true throughout all time, and perhaps no time like today.

Individuals and organizations regularly struggle because they don't know where they are headed or they don't know why. I have seen this so many times and in so many ways. Let me first share a story of a friend of mine who is also a client. See if his story sounds familiar in any way.

When I first met with he and his wife, he was contemplating leaving the profession that he had devoted the previous decade to, and seven long years of school prior to that after military service. He was tired of not getting the results and rewards that he was promised. It was not for a lack of effort. He was working hard.

12 and 16 hour days were not uncommon for this small business owner. Discouragement and depression were also not uncommon. He had already looked into other ways to make a living and had the registration papers to head back to school. He thought he had tried it all. There was no light and little hope. He was now about one million dollars in debt and even if he worked at this pace for the rest of his working life, there would be nothing but debt at the end.

His body language was clear. He was defeated. His wife not far behind. I listened and my heart ached as I began to understand how deep and debilitating this had become. After 45 heart wrenching minutes I began to share with the both of them my observations and how it really didn't need to be this way. We don't need to labor through life hapless and hopeless.

The number one thing that they both lacked personally and professionally was Vision. Vision is deep. It is compelling and motivating. It inspires, guides and directs.

The presence of Vision can get you through the day, the week, the year, the decade and through life. Not just to get through it, but to enjoy the journey.

Vision helps to align actions. Vision guides mission. Vision unites people and provides ways to accomplish so much more.

Let me return to my friend. Five years later, he is happy, doing 400 times better in business, has 3 times more staff and has taken vacations to make up for a decade of what his family missed! He is doing great. What is at the root?

You know the answer.

Discover Vision and the world of possibilities opens before you. Align your life or organization to that Vision and begin to bring those possibilities to life.

I have conducted these Vision Quests for more than a decade now with many individuals and organizations with the same result each time. It is absolutely amazing and exceptionally humbling to be a part of watching someone change their life knowing that it will last. Sure, you can undo some of what happens, but mostly it is so deeply integrated and ingrained that the change just occurs.

The Creating Change Vision Quest is not for everyone. It s transformational. It is very hard work. It is a huge commitment of time and resources. It is fun, informative and effective.

Please take some time and watch and listen to this video. It shares far better than I can what happens even years later.

The cost of this very personalized and intiment program is $15,000.

Talk to Angela to see if you are ready for this tractsformative active experience of a lifetime. Contact [email protected] or call her at 208-467-6545

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