Personal & Professional Potential


Most Entrepreneurs want two things:

Freedom & Contribution


This 3 lesson course is offered at NO COST to you.  The lessons are

  • The Evidence
  • The Foundation
  • The Strategy​​

The first lessons will provide exceptional lessons from three top authors of the last three decades.  In lessons two and three Travis gets to the heart of entrepreneurship.  With more than an hour of content between the three lessons, there is much to learn, and more importantly, much to apply!



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Dr. Kim Keller


Dentist, Entrepreneur

"Travis has definitely made a difference in our office.  We see our leaders now being able to make decisions and choices within the office that others can see is a change.  It's a change because they can see we are all pointed to the same direction."


Todd Erickson


CEO, CapEd

"They came in and met with our executive team and managers and gave us leadership concepts that were extremely helpful, that we were able to take back to our departments and become better managers - better leaders; more efficient, more productive...and it was great!"


Kelli Hughes


Office Manager

"Going into it, as I started to see it unfold, it's definately something that I would recommend for future team members or anyone that wants to experience this.  It is an emotional experience, it hits home in a lot of ways; not just involving work but your personal life too.  There were lots of times where we could reflect on our own personal life and families and things we personally and individually want to accompllish.  It was definitely a building experience for me personally and something I will never forget."




WorkING to maximize the potential of each person and organization we work with


From the discovery of Vision through the execution of Strategy, constantly striving to reach potential.


The enthusiasm is infectious, you can't help but to learn.




Teach     Motivate      Inspire


Every Effective Leader has a Coach


Imagine going it alone!  If you are an entrepeur, you probably don't have to imagine anything!

  • Freedom, however you define it, this is one of the two things that every entrepreneur wants.  Maybe for you it's more time - maybe more money - maybe it's just to break free.  Whatever it is, you want it.

  • Contribution, to your family, friends, and those you are privilaged to work with.  To society or a cause.  It really doesn't matter, we want to be fulfilled and contribute in meaningful ways.

  • Effective Leadership, this is the one area that can make a significant and sustained difference in your life and the lives of those around you.  Don't underestimate this most important element of life and business.


Create the Culture that Provides a Truly Extraordinary Experience!


Group & Private Coaching


"The principles of effective leadership and service are common and successful application comes with aligned individualization."


When you are serious about Sustained Effectiveness


One of the most impactful programs that Travis has ever created, and one of the most fun too.  This process is life-changing.  Click below and learn more.


Large group presentation to a company-wide development day.


Large group segment with a specific reference to one of Travis's favorite teaching aids, Disney.



Speaking for Impact


With more than 30 years and thousands of participants, Travis knows what it takes to Engage your group.

  • Leadership, Vision, Mission or just improved process of Leadership, Travis can help you move to the next level.

  • Strategy, maybe you have many of the peices, but need to put it all together - that is what effective strategy is all about.

  • Exceptional Service, as Travis's clients well know, it is not just what you do, but how you do it that makes the biggest difference.


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